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Top 5 3D Print Design Tips

We’ve covered some of these tips before, but it’s always good to review them again!¬†Let’s review¬†some 3D print design tips.

  1. Design to avoid supports. Supports are costly and can negatively influence the surface finish of your parts.
  2. Follow the “YHT” rule. Basically, anything Y shaped is pretty safe to print, anything H shaped will print okay if you follow the bridging rules, and anything T shape will require supports.
  3. Design for printing tolerances. Our FDM machine has a maximum layer resolution of 0.1mm and a nozzle size of 0.4mm. Keep text sizes to 16 point bold for top or bottom faces and 10 point bold for vertical faces.
  4. Design for the material. If your 3D print design will be printed in PLA or ABS, you need to have different considerations.
  5. Export your STL file correctly. Most slicers prefer STL files to be exported in millimeter format. Use a high poly count for detailed models.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your 3D print design. We are happy to assist to ensure you get the best results!

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