3D Printing (Price varies) – We have several years experience with 3D printing. 3D print your prototypes, models, and other designs! We have the ability to print with two different extruders, meaning you can print multiple colors or complex designs with dissolvable support material. This allows very fine details without the highly visible lines from most printers. We also offer finishing services if you want to have a smooth, sanded finish ready of painting or other surface work. Head to the order page to get started.

Rapid Prototyping (Price varies) – Get your prototype parts printed! Many people wonder what the difference is between 3D printing and rapid prototyping. The short answer is nothing! However, rapid prototyping generally encompasses a greater range of 3D printer technologies, such as SLA. We offer FDM printing, but can assist with other prototyping needs if you require them. Head to the order page to get started.

Design Services ($125/hr) – We offer design services to help you build your parts. We can do design for cases, covers, panels, and other parts. We also offer our design service to help you optimize your parts/prototypes/models for 3D printing. 3D printing can be tricky and the design needs to be considered to get a quality print. Contact us for an estimate.

Technical Writing (Price varies) – John has over 10 years of technical writing experience. He has written product manuals, design specifications, requirements documentation, and even commercial dedication instructions for nuclear applications. John also has experience creating custom document templates to streamline your business’s documentation and forms. Contact us for an estimate.

Silicone Molds & Plastic resin casting (Price varies) – We offer silicone molds and can make cast plastic parts from molds. This is useful for small runs of a part or product where 3D printing is not cost effective. Contact us for details! Contact us for an estimate.

Some pictures of our recent work.