Technical Paper Review


Get your technical paper reviewed by a professional! We’ll review your technical paper with an eye for English, readability, grammar, and technical content.



Do you need help finalizing your technical paper? Is English your second or third language? Do you have trouble expressing technical concepts in basic language?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, our technical paper review is ideal for you!

I have read hundreds of technical papers, many of which are poorly written. This isn’t the author’s fault – you are under intense pressure and English may not be your first language!

Let us help take the pressure off! We’ll review your technical paper with an eye for detail. We will check your English, paper readability, grammar, and technical concepts.


After completing your order, simply send us a copy of your paper using our contact us page. Microsoft Word format is preferred, however we do accept other formats (LaTex, PDF, Open Office).

A preliminary review will be completed with the revised paper returned to you. You can review and accept or reject any changes you wish.

A FREE second review of a revision is provided. If you make revisions to your work or paper, we will happily provide another view (1 time only).

Reviewed document will be returned to you within 7 days.

Covers technical papers up to 8 pages in length. Longer papers have additional fees. Contact us for complete details.

About the reviewer:

I received my master’s degree in global engineering leadership with a focus on automotive systems from The Ohio State University in 2016.

I received my undergraduate degree, also from The Ohio State University, in electrical and computer engineering in 2007.

I worked in the nuclear industry for 5 years and the automotive industry for 4 years.

I am very experienced with a wide range of subjects, including: electrical circuits, 3D modeling and printing, mechanical stress and strain measurement, vibration, hybrid and electric vehicle systems, nuclear power, vehicle navigation systems, audio systems, computer programming and simulation, and many more. I am able to quickly research and understand very technical topics.

My writing and English skills have been recognized as “top notch” by all of my employers. I have published a paper with the American Nuclear Society and written for internal company newsletters.

I worked in a Japanese automotive company for four years, where have I reviewed and corrected hundreds of technical documents written by Japanese members.

I am the author of the blogs Brand New Papa and