3D Printing Maze Tile Project Finished

We finished 3D printing this maze tile for a customer’s project. Our 3D printer has some amazing capabilities. Please let us know if you have any questions about 3D printing. This part is approximately 4 inches by 4 inches, you can see the detail level achieved was very high. We are located in Columbus, Ohio, but will ship to any location in the lower 48 US states. Our customer was very happy with the result!

It turned out great! – Christopher D.

0221160904 3D Printing Maze Tile
3D Printed Maze Tile

Top Ten Design Tips for 3D Printing

Need some 3D Printing tips to help optimize your designs? Check out this video from Kacie Hultgren of PrettySmallThings.

Kacie provides her top tips for creating great designs for 3D printing. Some of the key tips include:

  1. Use the 45 degree rule – limit overhangs to no more than 45 degrees
  2. Design to avoid support material – support material can make your model surfaces rough
  3. Add custom supports where you need them to make clean up easier

For details, watch the video below.

New Feature – 3D Model Scale On the Order Page

We are happy to introduce our new feature – 3D Model Scale. Need help with scaling your 3D models before you place an order? You can now scale your models directly on our order page! This allows you enlarge or reduce the size of your designs in real time to get a more accurate price estimate.

Make sure you check out this new feature when you order your 3D Print. Don’t forget, we do our best to ensure the customer is always happy! 3D Printing should be fun!

Don’t forget, we offer free local pick up in Columbus, Ohio!

3D Model Scale
3D Model Scale

Save Money On Your 3D Print By Hollowing It

Looking to reduce the cost of your 3D print? Check out this blog post by Makeprintable.com. It shows how their tool can hollow out your parts to save you big money and material when printing them.

In the large example piece they did, the savings amounted to $24 for an FDM part! What a difference! Check out how to save money while 3D printing.

Don’t forget, once you hollow out your model, we’re happy to print it for you.

3d print

Easily Scale 3D Models for Printing

Want to print something you found on thingiverse.com or youmagine.com, but its the wrong size?

No problem! We can easily scale it in our slicing software to meet your required size, just let us know!

Head over to the order page to get started. Please note, if you are scaling up a model the price will be different than quoted. Please contact us before submitting your order.