We are happy to announce that we have recently completed a project with T-Mac Sports. T-Mac Sports contacted us to design, prototype, and 3D print a visor clip for their mini football helmets. They make some amazing replica mini-helmets for your favorite sports teams and high schools. Make sure to check them out.

3D printed clip
3D Printed Visor Clip

T-Mac Sports came to me with just an idea. We helped them flesh out their idea into something that would work and be mass producible. After completing the design, we drafted it in 3D modeling software (AutoDesk Inventor) to create a model and STL file. We did a few 3D prints with some small iterations to ensure the design looked nice and was printable.

Finally, we did a low volume production run using our 3D printer for T-Mac Sport’s publicity photos and first few orders. We look forward to working with T-Mac Sports in the future! Take a look at the image on the left for the completed project.

T-Mac contacted me today for another low volume order because their first set has sold out!

Check out the pictures below for some details and be sure to head over to our order page or contact us if you have your own ideas to develop!